Joycelyn Galloway (1930 – 2017)

Joycelyn Galloway had roots in the Mt. Juliet congregation going back to her childhood days of being ten years old. She grew up worshipping in the block building that was built in 1908. Joycelyn was immersed into Christ in the baptismal hole in the creek next to the church building. She married her late husband Jim Galloway inside the block building. Soon after marriage they moved away from Mt. Juliet, but in her last season of life she moved back to this community and became a part of the congregation again. We dearly loved this wonderful lady, sister and generous host.

Joycelyn Potter was born in the Old Hickory community in the family home. Her sister, Sandra Williams, our long time member at Mt. Juliet, was the youngest and the only one of the siblings not born at home. The family moved to Mt. Juliet when Joycelyn was ten years old. While in school she was a well-rounded student enjoying the academics of school as well as sports. She graduated from MJ High School as Valedictorian of her class and she also loved playing basketball for the school team. These interests remained throughout her life. She attended UT ballgames with her family and she enjoyed watching all sports on TV. As a matter of fact, ESPN Sports Center or some athletic event was on her TV all the time. She had no interest in other shows. After working over three decades in the guidance office with the Hendersonville school system, she finally retired well into her seventies.

Joycelyn and her late husband Jim had two sons, Jimmy and Jeff, and a daughter, Lisa. Jimmy had three children. Joycelyn loved having the family all together. Her daughter-in-law Renee said she was accustomed to good home cooked meals, but when she became a part of the Galloway gatherings, she was seeing meals like she had never seen before; one meal with three meats and eight side dishes, including her famous cornbread and homemade yeast rolls. Sandra explains that even as a teenager Joycelyn loved to cook for the family.

When Joycelyn moved back to Mt. Juliet her house became the gathering place for friends her age. They loved her warm hospitality that always provided an open door and delicious home cooked food on the table. Her Christian fellowship is going to be missed among God’s family here at Mt. Juliet. Her sweet spirit was the icing on the cake. I know, because my family had the pleasure of being guests at such wonderful gatherings.

During Joycelyn’s funeral her sister Sandra and granddaughter Kelly each had written a beautiful page of memories. A portion of Sandra’s memories included this. “When Joycelyn’s husband Jim passed away she made the wise decision to move to Mt. Juliet. I was not surprised when our compassionate church family made her feel such a part of their family. Friends that were living in similar places in life made Joycelyn a part of their life. Guess what she did? She continued to cook for us finding every important game (UT) a very good cause for food and fun at her house. This friendship was so evident that last week, Barbara Burgess stayed with her in the ER, Bettie Parker and Leroy Beard visited showing her love, Sonny Tillman checking on her by phone and many more acts of kindness which we are so thankful for!”

There was more to Sandra’s memories, but let’s share some of those from her granddaughter, Kelly, who wrote about growing up in a military family, constantly moving, which caused Granny’s house to feel like home “…sitting down to supper at her table. That was home. We were so far away for so much of our childhoods, never settled in any one place, but every time we came back to Tennessee, Granny reminded us that we were FROM somewhere. As we grew up, Granny’s house was no longer the same house, but it was still home. We came to appreciate that where you’re from is really who you’re from. We come from a woman of abundant love who gave us some of the happiest memories of our lives. Thank you for loving us so much.”

“Her children rise up and call her blessed” Proverbs 31:28

By faith we believe that Joycelyn is better than she has ever been. “And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away” (Revelation 21:4).
David Shannon