Jo Ann Davis (1931-2010)

Jo Ann Davis was a lovely lady who has been a part of the Mt. Juliet church family for almost 30 years. She was born in Centerville, Tennessee and grew up in Nashville. Following her graduation from East High School she worked for the

Federal Reserve Bank for a short time. She met her late husband on a blind date. He stood her up on what was planned to be their second date. When asked what she did about it, she explained “I got him back, I married him!” And for 60 years she repaid him with love, faithfulness, and companionship. The last ten years of their lives she cared for him day and night. He passed away April 9, 2010. Her love for family has always been evident.

As a young mother she was always devoted to the care of her four children who were stairstepped in ages. Once the youngest was almost in school she began helping Raymond in the grocery business. This business had first belonged to her parents, then it was theirs, and later their children also worked in it. She and Raymond operated

the grocery stores for 30 years and other business adventures for shorter periods of time. They owned and operated a restaurant, laundromat, appliance store, and real-estate ventures. She was very active in the bookkeeping and management of these endeavors. In 1999 they semi-retired and turned the business over to the next

generation. Jo Ann loved what her family loved. Raymond enjoyed gardening and Titans football, so did Jo Ann. Her sons enjoyed racing, so did Jo Ann. Her house was full of trinkets that her family gave her and almost every square inch of the walls were filled

with pictures of family.

No doubt the blessing she was to her family she learned from her God. As a young woman she worshipped at Eastland Avenue church of Christ. Later at the Chapel

Avenue congregation. Her children remember with fondness their years growing up at Raines Avenue church of Christ. After they were grown the Davis’ moved to MJ and she began worshiping with us.

She was a determined woman with a great sense of humor. She was well organized and caring. She was content, yet driven. She was family oriented, yet had business savvy. She aged, yet kept up with the times. She was an avid reader and talented seamstress.

Her husband of 60 years passed after a decade of constant care by this lady who kept her vows of in sickness and in health. Now she also keeps the appointment of death (Hebrews 9: 27). When her children were asked what their mother would want said at her funeral they said, “She would want all to know the love of God.”

Jo Ann Davis passed quietly and unexpectedly in her sleep the night of August 24. We offer our sympathy to her four children, six grandchildren, seven great-grandchildren, and brother. She will be greatly missed.