Jane Atwood (1934-2008)

Jane Atwood was an educator, traveler, reader, historian, daughter, sister, wife, mother and Christian. This wonderful lady began her life in Old Hickory; when she was six-years-old her family moved to Mt. Juliet, on the same land that she lived until her passing. Her father, Nick Locke, Senior was converted by Willard Collins. He preached in several congregations in the area. One of the last ones was LaGuardo. He baptized Jane when she was 12-years-old. She had three brothers. The youngest, who passed away many years ago, married Mrs. Vesta (Locke) who has been a member of the MJ congregation longer than anyone here. After Jane and her late husband Don married they moved to Donelson. Their family grew with two babies, Zack and Tracy. In 1965 the Atwoods moved to MJ, building a house on land owned by her parents. Once Zach and Tracy started school, Mrs. Jane also returned to school receiving her bachelors from UT in Nashville and graduate, +30, and +45 from TSU. She served our community by teaching in MJ Elementary School for 13 years. She accepted more responsibility as she moved into administration, serving as principal for 17 years at Gladeville Elementary School. She ran a tight ship and was loved by students and teachers alike. Her greatest teaching was at home and in the church here at MJ. Tracy and Zach remember their mother as a faithful Christian, a Bible class teacher, and one who had them in worship at every service. Even when Tracy moved away her mother would call on Sunday afternoon and ask what she had learned in church that day. One of Zach”s earliest memories is the nursery at the Donelson church of Christ. Many here remember being in her classes or being on retreats with her. Denise Tignor wrote a note to us in the office about how she remembered Mrs. Jane.

“I just wanted to tell you about Jane Atwood. She was a great educator and Christian lady. She was so good with students as well as parents. Eddy, our oldest was in her class when he started 1st grade. He did not want to leave his mother’s side and Sis. Atwood was having to “peal” him from me while I had 4-year-old Rob, holding my other leg and 1-year-old Rebecca, in my arms. Sis. Jane told me he would be ok and to go home and pray and God would take care of everything. I never had another teacher tell me to pray that God would help. Sis. Jane knew the Lord would help, and He did. The children of Mt. Juliet and Gladeville were very blessed to have had this lady in the school system. My child got a wonderful start in school because of her and her faith. She not only taught reading, writing, etc., she also taught the class to care for one another and the value of life and love. I pray that my grandchildren will be taught by teachers of her caliber.” Sincerely, Denise Tignor

Our prayers are with Zach, Tracy and all the family. By faith we believe that this lady who loved to travel has journeyed to a magnificent land of endless day. We are thankful for her life, touched by her skills and encouraged by her faith.