Jail Ministry

Minister Tim Martin

Mission Statement

To visit those in prison and bring the Word of God to those who are in desperate need of the life-changing influence only Christ can bring. In doing so, we can also strengthen our relationship with God.

Opportunities to Serve

  • Preach/teach God’s Word in “Sunday school” type formats to male and female inmates in the jail on the 3rd and 5th Sunday afternoons of every month.
  • Preach/teach God’s Word in “Sunday school” type format to male and female inmates in the jail on Monday nights.
  • Conducting/organizing Bible studies with inmate after their release.
  • Respond to and send letters to inmates containing encouragement, invitations to worship and addressing needs of the inmates.
  • Help coordinate interested inmates with our World Bible School ministry and get them involved in the program.
  • Coordinate helping inmates obtain work, lodging, and other needs upon their release.
  • Assemble and deliver “care” and assistance packages to inmates both in and out of jail.

Breaking the Chains

Breaking the Chains is a publication distributed to inmates within the Wilson County Jail System. You may wish to read these archived issues.