It Took Faith, Love, Work…

(A Reporter Goes to Church – A Regular Monday Feature)

The Nashville Tennessean – Monday, May 5, 1969, p.14

By Reginald Stuart

Tennessean State Correspondent

MT. JULIET – The real ingredients of dedication to Jesus Christ are faith, love, regular worship, giving, and work, members of the Mt. Juliet Church of Christ were told yesterday.

Speaking at the dedication ceremonies for the church’s new [auditorium], Robert Taylor, of Ripley, Miss., a former [minister] of the church, told the audience of more than 250 persons that they have displayed these five characteristics of dedication and that the new building is proof of it.

“WE MUST dedicate our hearts to the greatness of faith,” the minister said. “Faith is necessary, our Lord said, if we are not to die in sin.

“We need to deepen our love for Jesus and thy brethren. Those who are dedicated to the church will continue regular worship. There is no such thing as real love separated from giving. And we must all work. God is always pleased with those who are busy working in His kingdom.

“Work is what has been responsible for this building today,” Taylor said. “I urge you to have eyes of vision of way; fill your hearts with these five ingredients, and God only will be able to ascertain the good you will have.”

WORSHIP WAS lead by Kenneth Hackney. The congregation sang “Lord We Have Come Before Thee Now,” “How Great Thou Art,” “Wonderful Love” and other selections.

In the afternoon formal dedication ceremonies were held. Participating in the ceremonies was R. V. Cawthon, noted evangelist, who has been a member of the Mt. Juliet Church of Christ for 76 years. Cawthon preached in Tennessee and other Southern states for more than 60 years, and held tent meetings which were responsible of the organization of congregations at Old Hickory, Berryville, Central Pike, Madison, Una, and Reid Avenue.

“Recognition of the Early Leaders of Our Church,” the theme of the ceremonies.

Taylor told the congregation he believed “the erection of the building can be traced to the work of faith, labor of love and patience of hope.”