Homecoming 2006

by David Shannon

David Shannon

Imagine with me: You have passed away due to disease and accident. Your family, children or parents are all gather around as the time capsule is opened 15 years from now. They can’t wait to read a letter from you. They haven’t spoken to you or read a letter from you in years. Think of the joy it will bring. Think what it will mean for you to encourage them to live a godly life. Think what it will mean to write about your desire to spend eternity with them. Think of the heart break if you don’t write. They will watch others receive letters, but not them. Is this a guilt trip? No, it is a walk down reality lane. Some of us who think we will be here as the capsule is opened 15 years from now won’t be alive. Let’s use this opportunity wisely! If you are there it will be an exciting blessing, not only will your family enjoy, but you will too! If you are on the other side of eternity, it will mean even more. There is a box in the foyer at the Welcome/Information Center where you can submit your contents.

As Jeff Brown spoke of the past we were all reminded of his great ability as a speaker. He described our history and recognized many who were present. Probably 15 or more stood who were direct descendants of our charter members. Mrs. Dorothy Zumbro, a direct descendant of a charter member, was the oldest present at the Homecoming Program. Mrs. Alice McCulloch, also a direct descendant, was honored for being a member of this congregation for the longest time of those present. The oldest member at worship was Marshal Wilhite who led us in our closing prayer of the afternoon. Our newest addition to the family at MJ was Jackson Hines who was born just two days before Homecoming.

As the program moved from past to present we all anticipated the note burning. Your generosity neared $100,000 for the special contribution. Less than three months of payments were added to that gift making the pay-off possible. It was wonderful to see our elders burning the note. Albert England’s words kindly expressed deep appreciation to the members for their generosity through the years to make such an occasion possible.

After this a few more comments were made about the present growth which is being addressed through campus expansion. This brought the program to the future. DeWayne Griffin spoke eloquently of the vision of this church for the next generation. He stated, Finally brethren, we see the Mt. Juliet Church of Christ alive and well 115 years from today. It will be led by men who love the Lord and will not allow the pathways of truth to be compromised. The congregation will be a place where the hurting can find healing, the broken can find mending, where everyone is loved and every soul is important. It will be a place where sound preaching will be the hallmark We shall continue our rich heritage of being a mission-minded congregation, both locally and foreign. It is our prayer that the Mt. Juliet church will be found ready and waiting when the Lord comes again, whether it be today or a hundred years from today.�

The Old Fashion Song Service with various men leading the singing was a blessed way to close our formal time together. Andrew always does such a wonderful job emceeing such times.

The period of dessert was a perfectly delicious close to the day. Thanks to each lady who baked and to Michelle Myers for working a long day Saturday so things would be beautiful, efficient, and enjoyable during the dessert time.

We continue to appreciate the timeline. Andrew and Kathryn did a super job. If you haven’t already signed it, be sure to do so this week. Most of all we thank our, all-wise, great God. We live here to live with Him there!