Help Wanted: El Salvador Medical Mission Trip 2009

Buddy Pickler is looking for a few good men (and women). Cooks, maintenance workers, pill counters, head scrubbers, dentists, doctors, pharmacists, nurses, song leaders, children’s Bible class teachers, and translators are all needed for the annual medical mission trip to El Salvador. Even if you are unsure of your talent, God can and will use you to spread the Gospel in El Salvador. Next year’s mission trip is approximately 8 days from March 13th to March 21st. Participants will be staying in a hotel and traveling daily to the local congregation to operate the medical clinic. The hotel is definitely not the Hyatt, but will offer a warm place to sleep at night. The medical clinic which the team will set up, will offer medical care to those people who otherwise would not have any access to a physician. It is through these medical clinics that contacts are made to lost souls, which shows them Christ’s love and facilitates proclaiming the Gospel.

The Mt. Juliet church has been sending a team to Central America since the late 1980s. It was in 2001 when the focus of our efforts was turned to El Salvador after a devastating earthquake hit the region. Sometimes God finds a way to turn a negative situation into one which many are helped and the Gospel is preached. Through the Mt. Juliet’s efforts over the years, tens of thousands teeth have been pulled, thousands of heads have been scrubbed, hundreds have been baptized, and half a dozen local congregations have been established.

Everyone, if they are physically and financially able, should go to El Salvador. It will change your view of the world and strengthen your faith in God. Those going should be faithful Christians and able to finance their own way. Teenagers from 14 years and upward can participate. If you are interested in participating, see Buddy Pickler or sign up at the Welcome Center.