God’s Plan

by Dewayne Griffin

Dewayne Griffin

I hope you aren’t tiring of hearing stories about the work that goes on in Pearlington, Mississippi. A few months after Hurricane Katrina almost totally destroyed parts of Louisiana and Mississippi, brothers and sisters in Christ from middle Tennessee saw an opportunity for doing good. It started out as a project to help some folks rebuild their homes in Pearlington; just a few miles from the Gulf Coast. However, it has turned into a project of love for many. There are men and women from several congregations of the Lord’s church in Tennessee who have, more or less, devoted all their spare time to helping our friends in Mississippi. I do not know exactly how many trips have been made to Pearlington, but I would say 50, which means lots of miles when you figure about 1100 miles round-trip. Somewhere along the way, there arose an idea to establish a congregation and build it in Pearlington where none existed prior to Katrina.

In a place where three years ago there was no congregation, there now sits a beautiful log church building. Inside is a lovely auditorium with room to seat approximately 75 people. At present, the kitchen and classrooms are in a common area. Gary Marshall, a transplant from Kentucky is now preaching full-time for the church at Pearlington and is doing a wonderful job; he is a perfect fit for the community. Several strong families have made a commitment to attend the worship services in Pearlington and are truly helping the cause. The church has seen baptisms and restorations since its beginning. In fact, Pearlington member, Glen Doar, who passed away last week, was recently converted after months of teaching and loving care by several in the congregation. This one soul has been worth all the work that has gone on and God is to receive all the glory for what is happening in Pearlington. Some of our men from Mt. Juliet were able to drive down for Glen’s funeral.

The next time you hear it announced that Bobby is getting up a trip to do work in Pearlington, please give some thought to going. You do not have to be a professional craftsman. When I go, I am nothing more than a “gofer”, but I come home feeling like I have helped ease the pain of those who have been torn and twisted by three hurricanes in the past three years. Even if you can’t go for a week, perhaps you could plan a trip over a weekend and just show up for worship, the members at Pearlington would welcome you with open arms.

It was never our plan to go to Pearlington and establish a congregation, but God’s plans are far greater than ours. Amen!

PS. Don Humphrey and I had a safe and productive trip to South Sudan, Africa recently. We will be reporting on that trip as quickly as possible. Thank you for your prayers and support while we were gone.

by Dewayne Griffin