God Has Blessed the U.S.A.

by Steve Hale

The Persian Gulf War caused many Americans to humble themselves before God and ask His blessings. We prayed our casualties would be held to a minimum. We prayed our enemy would not use chemical weapons. We prayed that justice would prevail. We prayed for our military leaders, that their judgments on the battlefield would lead to a swift end to the conflict. We prayed for our President. We even prayed for our enernies, even Saddam Hussein ( Matthew 5:44, 45).

One American casualty was horrible, as was one Iraqi. And yet, God so bountifully answered our prayers. Beloved, God answered our prayers. Think what could have happened as opposed to what did:

1. Casualties were held to a minimum. For every American that died, some 500 Iraqis died. it is horrible anyone died. in a conflict involving forces of over one million personnel, fewer than 300 (259 is the last count I heard) of our people died. We weep for every one that died. Yet, it could have been so much worse. The entire Middle East could have easily entered the conflict. Iraq could have had a more sophisticated missile system. Chemical weapons could have been used on the battlefields or on SCUDS. So many more horrible things could have happened. God truly blessed us.

2. Justice prevailed. Our POW’S were tortured and beaten. The Kuwaitis were cruelly tortured, butchered, beaten, raped, shot, and maimed. I have never seen such brutality, and it has been graphically documented. Their some 150,000 POW’S were something to behold. They would run to our men, crying while on their knees. It was obvious they had been told the American would shoot them, or maybe eat them alive! Instead they received food, water, and medical treatment. When treated, so kindly, the Iraqis looked totally shocked.

Jesus said: “Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy ( Matthew 5:7). I am thankful to live in the country that was merciful. Thank you, Lord, for being so merciful to us!

3. Our military leaders brought the conflict to a swift conclusion. Compared to the relatively light allied casualties, the Iraqis had between 85,000 to 100.1000 casualties. While this carnage is horrible, a war should be fought on a military basis not a political one. General Schwartzkopht put it well when he said he wish there had not been a war, but his obligation was to win it as quickly as possible, with the fewest allied casualties possible. Examine how the Lord told Israel to fight (I Sam. 15:lff.).

4. Our President and soldiers have shown remarkable courage. The Lord blessed them as we prayed for them ( I Peter 2:17; Romans 13:1ff.). For this, we should all be truly thankful.

God has blessed the U.S.A.! Let us never forget that He is in control ( Daniel 2:21). As in war, may our lives be entrusted to Him, prayerful, humble, and submissive. He blessed ancient Israel in conquering Canaan, but turned them over to the Assyrians (722 B.C.) and Babylonians (587/586 B.C.) when they forsook Him. We are great only so far as He blesses us. And, He has blessed the U.S.A.