Franklin Lee Hazelwood Sr. (1934-2014)

Franklin Lee Hazelwood Sr. was born September 28, 1934. He attended Howard High School graduating in 1953. In high school he met a beautiful young lady, Juanita. She loved his glossy, brown eyes and bright white teeth! The fell in love and married in 1954. Two weeks later he received his draft papers from the Army. He was first stationed in Fort Knox, and then transferred to Germany. While in Germany, Charmaine, the first of their five children, was born. After the Army he spent two years studying accounting, and receiving an associate’s degree. But along the way he changed his mind as to what to do with the rest of his life. What he loved was working with his hands. He went into an apprenticeship program to be an electrician. This work took him literally around the world and to great heights! In 1976 he spent 18 months working in Taiwan. Another job took him to the top of the old American General Building in Nashville. There is a tall pole on the top of the building. It has a light on the top of the pole. Frank climbed that pole to install the light! One of his co-workers said he climbed like a monkey. Heights didn’t bother him. In the later part of his working career he worked for Reemay in Old Hickory. After retirement he loved golfing with Al Gragg, Mac McKinney, and Bobby Hudson. He and Juanita enjoyed vacations in Florida, Gatlinburg, and wherever. He loved Olive Garden, Vanderbilt sports, collecting golf balls and carpentry planers, fishing, singing Dean Martin, watching Gunsmoke, reading Louis L’Amour and going to Lowe’s. Especially since Lowe’s has the hotdog stand outside the exit door.
Frank was described by family and friends as a great man, dry witted, always had a comeback, wonderful person, always answered the phone, big heart, little league coach of many, humorous, electrician, and a go to guy. He seemed to know how to do everything. He was a man who loved God first and foremost. Also, he was a man who deeply loved his family. As a father he always helped with school projects, making the best topographical maps and fastest derby cars. He even taught the daughters how to change the oil and replace their brakes! Together they raked the yard they called the forest. His grandchildren loved to spend the night and eat their grandfather’s homemade pancakes the next morning. If he didn’t receive a call from someone in the family he would begin to ask why someone wasn’t calling. He loved his children. He knew the deeply, difficult pain of the passing of two sons, Larry and Frank Jr. He knew the love of three daughters who stayed by his side to the end. He also knew the blessing of a supportive wife. He treated Juanita like a queen. If she wasn’t feeling well, he would serve her breakfast in bed. He tried to spoil her. As he grew sicker she constantly served him. In August they would have celebrated their 6oth anniversary.
We offer our deepest sympathy to Juanita, and their daughters Charmaine, Jill, and Lara, and to all the family. Frank was deeply loved and is greatly missed.
by David Shannon