Forrest “Nabe” McCulloch (1926-2015)

If Nabe McCulloch’s life was written as a book it would record a life well lived. The first page of the book might begin with Sunday, September 26, 1926 when a baby boy was born into a godly, Christian home. The parents were John and Norene McCulloch. This chapter would also tell about his two brothers Johnny and Robert “Mouse” who later in life would serve as elders here at Mt Juliet church of Christ. This chapter would also describe a young man who loved his community of Mt Juliet, choosing to live his whole life within a few miles of where he was born. Another chapter would tell about his courageous departure from Mt Juliet to serve as a Merchant Marine for the last half of WWII. This chapter should remind all of us that we are indebted to Nabe and others who served and sacrificed for our freedom.

One very exciting chapter would tell of Nabe’s love for a young girl named Alice Jones. As a young boy he saw her in Bible class saying he wanted to marry her. Years later they slipped off to Franklin, Kentucky committing their lives to each other. This union would bless their families, their church and this community for almost 70 years! From this chapter of Nabe’s life would spring other chapters describing Nabe as a father of three sons; Jere, Guy, and Dale. Another chapter would follow telling of Nabe becoming a father-in-law. These chapters would cause other chapters to be written. These chapters Nabe loved dearly; his grandchildren and great grandchildren. The pages about his sons and grandchildren would be filled with many success stories, although some pages would be harder to read than others, as Jere and Alice both passed away in recent times. In the midst of the winter of life, Nabe’s book would also tell of a family who lovingly cared for him. These pages from birth to death would describe a man who remained kind and gentle his entire life.

There would be a chapter with great stories about his labor at Ford Glass Plant for many years. This was his long time place of employment from which he left to enter into retirement. And fortunately retirement lasted many years as he lived to be 88 years old. Perhaps you might think that the last page of the book was written about his death on February 21, 2015. But what is absolutely beautiful is that death doesn’t have the final say. Death is swallowed up in life (2 Cor 5:4). Nabe died as a child of God. After Nabe’s death, the page is turned describing eternal life with God. That is right. Death isn’t the end. It is a transition from this earthly body to be eventually given an immortal life with no more tears, pain, goodbyes or sin. The former things are passed away (Rev 21:4). This part of the book is long. But it is all good. We can’t write it today, because it is indescribably awesome. How do you describe being in the presence of God for an eternity in a place that has no influence of evil. By faith we believe that the eternal chapter of Nabe’s book is far better than any former chapters written. We truly are blessed to die in the Lord (Ps 116:15).

We offer our love, sympathy and prayers to the Nabe McCulloch family. His roots in this congregation and community run deep. We love him and miss him. His life was truly a “good read.”