Floyd Williamson (1920-2010)

Floyd Williamson was a faithful son of God. He was born in Dierks, Arkansas into a family of six children whose father was a train engineer. He lived most of his life within two blocks of the house in which he was born. The town of Dierks was a “company town” built by the Dierks Lumber Empire. They built houses for their workers, schools for their children, and stores for them to trade their salaries for goods. Floyd worked 45

years as a machinist for them. He lived his life making parts and pieces that had to be measured in the 1/10,000ths. He was good at what he did.

As a teenager in Dierks he enjoyed hunting and football. He played right tackle and his brother Loyd played left guard. Floyd carried the lumps on his shins from the football days into adulthood. He met a sophomore in high school named Deane and courted her for 3 years, setting on a little wooden chest, which has a special place in their home today. Ten days after her high school graduation they became husband and wife. They enjoyed this union for 69 years. They gave birth to one child, Wayne. Floyd, Deane and

Wayne would all go squirrel hunting along with their squirrel dog.

They also enjoyed raising 65 gardens together. One of the greatest memories is how he would go to “his seat” at the end of the dining room table, get out his Bible and other resource books and study deeply into God’s Word on a regular basis. At one time he served as an elder in the church and always loved to participate in Bible studies.

As an individual he was a broad shouldered, 225 pound man who stood about 6’2″. He was strongwilled, benevolent, and especially helpful to any need his family experienced. He loved to talk, tell stories, and watch Arkansas football. In August of

2009 Floyd and Deane moved from Arkansas to live with Wayne and Betty. They have been a blessing to us. On June 1st Floyd was 90 and late in the year he reached his final home of glory. His funeral was in his hometown of Dierks. We extend our deepest sympathy again to Deane, Wayne, Betty, Mark and the rest of the family. Their love

and care for him is a great example to all of us of how families should serve one another. We miss Floyd, but by faith we rejoice in the eternal hope!