Facing the Future with Faith

by Steve Hale

“By His, Spirit he adorned the heavens. His hand pierced the fleeing serpent. Indeed these are the mere edges of His ways. And how small a whisper we hear of Him! But the thunder of his power who can understand” ( Job 26:13, 14, NKJV)?

We all know the story of Job: how Satan came before God and asked to have him. Job lost all his possessions and servants ( Job 1). He was miserably afflicted with loathsome boils all over his body ( Job 2). His wife encouraged him to curse God and die! Yet, Job knew something that his wife and his three “friends” (Eliphaz, Bilidad, and Zophar) did not. He knew not as much the providence of God as the God of providence!

The above text is just a small sampling of Job’s great faith. God’s greatness, sovereignty, and purposes were beyond them. Pointing to God’s victory over the serpent, the adorning of the heavens, and, the thunder of His power, Job said that these are “the mere edges of His ways.” Of God’s greatness, “how small a whisper we hear of Him!”

Job understood that his capacity to face adversity was not based on his greatness, but God’s greatness. Faith in God was Job’s part! And that’s our part too!

We are facing a mighty challenge at the Mt. Juliet church. Like Nehemiah of old, we are about to “arise and build.” Can this be done?

Yes! The city of Mt. Juliet is projected to double or maybe even triple’ in size during the next ten years. If we merely keep pace with the community, that means the congregation will double or triple in the next ten years. By the year 2006, the Lord willing, the congregation should be at least at the 900 mark.

The new auditorium will be twice the size of the current one. It will seat 850-950 souls. This new space will allow us to later develop the old auditorium into fellowship/classroom space. The new property to the north, and the acquired property to the west will be just enough to park 900-950 people.

Thousands of souls will be moving, to the community, most of which will be unchurched. What a glorious opportunity the Lord is giving us. Now, what shall we do with it?

Together, with the help of God, we will meet this challenge! Like Job, let us face the future with faith! God is able! He will bless us!

Do we know what the future holds? No. But we do know who holds the future ( Romans 14:10-12)!