Facility Development

Deacon Jay Keopf

Mission Statement

To explore and identify the needs of the church at Mt. Juliet that can be addressed through the built environment (building and grounds).

Opportunities to Serve

*Opportunities to serve in this ministry are specialized in nature and in many cases will suggest individuals with certain expertise.

Background in commercial construction

  • Serving on committees or providing advice regarding construction scheduling, cost estimating, constructability of future facility plans, or selection of a contractor

Background in commercial building design:

  • Serving on committees and providing advice regarding the design and planning of future facility’s for the church. Areas of expertise may include: architectural design, civil engineering, structural engineering, design of HVAC systems and controls, plumbing engineering, electrical engineering, theater/auditorium design, acoustical engineering, etc

Background or experience in city planning and/or relationships with local city individuals:

  • Help develop and conduct capital campaigns.
  • Attend periodic planning and zoning meetings at the City Hall and provide reports on the discussions that have any affects on the future facility plans of the church.