Eudrice Estelle Russell West (1920-2005)

by David Shannon

Eudrice West was a wonderful blessing to this congregation. Her family remembers her as a virtuous woman�like that of Proverbs 31. She was a wife her late husband Frank could trust (vr 11). She worked diligently with her hands (vr 13). She prepared her family not only for the seasons of a year, but also for the seasons of life (vr 21). Still waters ran deep as this woman was filled with strength, honor, wisdom, and discipline (vr 25-27). Her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren call her blessed. One even said, �Every time I think of her a warm feeling always comes over me.�

Eudrice was born in Walnut Shade in Macon County. She was the oldest of four and the only daughter. She loved and was devoted to her late husband Frank who died in his fifties. About this time she managed the cafeteria at MJ High. She also taught commercial foods at the vocational center in Lebanon.

Eudrice was an avid reader completing about three books a week. She thrived on crossword puzzles and played a mean game of scrabble. She would lay down words like �mica� or �ambeer� (interestingly as I type this my computer identifies it as a misspelled word�her vocabulary was tremendous).

Eudrice was productive in her life, working with her hands. She would sew her children�s clothes and others. She was talented in needlework, crochet, and quilting. Her cooking was out of this world. The family reminisced of her corn, pancakes, slaw chopped with a spam can, turnip greens, fried chicken, gravy, biscuits, cinnamon rolls, sock-it-to-me cake, sourdough bread, dressing, vegetable soup, dumplings, and homemade rolls.

Eudrice lived a life which touched so many. She is remembered as a lady, highly intelligent, sweet, kind, elegant, patient, loved life, soft spoken, organized (even clean closets), prompt, content, independent, steady, articulate, strong, devoted to family, and a fine Christian lady. Perhaps her strength was demonstrated the most as she remained positive and faithful even throughout the loss of her husband and two sons during the last thirty years.

Eudrice entered the hospital six weeks ago for hip replacement surgery. She was looking forward to being able to have greater mobility again. We are shocked and saddened at her passing, but by faith I believe she is walking through places of splendor that we can�t imagine. She leaves us great memories and broken hearts. Thank God for His hope and her faith!