Ellen Vivrett Bradshaw Arb (1924-2012)

Mrs. Ellen Arb was a vibrant member of the Mt Juliet congregation since December 1, 1950. She always offered big smiles, kind words, and good deeds. Isn’t it amazing to describe her in this way, yet she knew the deepest of pain. She had buried a son, daughter, grandson, two husbands, and an uncle that she took care of. She truly found strength in her Lord. She proved that life is not what happens to us, but how we respond to what happens. Her response was Christ-like!

Ellen Arb loved life. We have so many great memories. Many times she told of her years in elementary school, riding her little pony to and from school. She lived on the same farm just off Beckwith on Vivrett Lane almost all her life. The Mt. Juliet school during those days was located on the piece of ground that is now the parking lot between our building and Senior Citizens. The ride was several miles each way for this little girl, and she loved to tell it. I loved to hear it! She loved her animals. She fried eggs every morning for her cats. But much more than this, she loved her family more than words could express. In recent years one of her dreams came true. She wanted her granddaughters , Casey Adams and Nicole Velazquez to become a part of the Lord’s church. They have! To God be the glory. The power of Mrs. Ellen’s influence was great! We are so grateful they are here at MJ! She was energetic, always being on the go. As one of our members wrote, “Just wanted to share a little smile about Ms. Ellen…..several years ago I had a tumor removed and came home with a drainage apparatus and lots of pain….she called…’You feel like a visit today?’  I said ‘no, Ms. Ellen, I am miserable’.  She said “I’ll be there in a few minutes anyway’.  She brought a pie and only stayed a few minutes….she was a “to the point” person who did lots and lots for others.” Another wonderful memory the office staff shares was the delivery every spring of a large beautiful bouquet of daffodils. Another love of Mrs. Ellen was MJ basketball. She went to games for probably more than 50 years and not just to home games either. She and Kathryn McCrary along with several other friends would travel to every away game and did this for many decades.

Mrs. Ellen enjoyed the community of MJ. She loved playing cards at the MJ Senior Citizen Center. She loved worshiping and being a part of the MJ church of Christ. She was active in the MJ Ladies Home Demonstration Club. From a little girl she attended MJ school, later worked there, and all her adult life followed MJ athletics. There is no way for us to know the number of miles she drove in all her running around MJ. She loved to be on the go! And by faith we believe she has departed to a wonderful destination! Rejoice! She was loved deeply and will be missed.