El Salvador Mission 2005

by David Shannon

The Mt. Juliet team has returned from a productive week in the Lord�s service in Central America. San Augustin is made up of beautiful, kind souls who live for the most part in poverty. It is 24th on the list of greatest poverty stricken towns in El Salvador. Their poverty didn�t hinder their desire to learn of the Lord. The Gospel Meeting each night, following door-to-door studies all day, found good soil. Ten souls were baptized and one was restored. The medical achievements of the team were impressive too. The doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and dentists were busying serving almost 2,000 patients. But the most popular doctor was one our team hasn�t offered in past years. The optometrist saw 948 patients while prescribing 718 pairs of glasses! The people loved being able to see!

Two other new areas of evangelism proved to be successful. Donna Crisp taught a ladies class each morning for about an hour. The class grew from 3 to probably 20 by the end of the week. The last night during our closing banquet one of the preachers wives described how beneficial this time had been for her. While the rest of the group returned on Saturday, James Whiteaker and I spoke at a seminar which was attended by individuals from most of the churches in El Salvador. Jack Farber and Ray Joyner, both of Valdosta, Georgia, who work with Latin America Missions, also spoke. During this day another precious soul was added to our Lord�s body. This seminar was hosted by the Usulatan congregation, which is the congregation we helped establish three years ago during a mission trip. This congregation has baptized seven in the last year and has grown from about 15 in worship to about 25 just in the last year. Thanks to all who prayed, gave, sent, went, and supported this work in anyway. Let�s all continue to pray for this work.

I hate being away from MJ! I really do. I love mission work, but hate being away. Next week I will preach one of the three Gospel Meetings I preach each year. I will be in the office this week and next if I can serve you. I need and appreciate your prayers.