Education Program – Children

Minister: Tim Martin

Mission Statement:

    Teach the Word of God in a manner that all students may understand and rightly divide the word of truth while growing closer to God.

    Opportunities to Serve:

    Nursery care:

    • Volunteer in the nursery during Bible Class
    • Volunteer in the nursery during Worship
    • Assist in the nursery during Bible Class
    • Assist in the nursery during Worship


    • Teach an Elementary Bible Class
    • Help with an Elementary Bible Class
    • Present ideas at teacher workshop
    • Present ideas at quarterly teacher meetings
    • Prepare bulletin boards spotlighting teachers and keep updated
    • Send birthday cards, notices of accomplishments, congratulations, notes to students and teachers, and “We Miss You Cards” to absentees
    • Coordinate cataloging of items for supply room
    • Re-shelve items returned to the supply room
    • Prepare and display timeline in education annex hallway; add pictures as lessons are studied
    • Help with puppet shows
    • Build shelves, tables, closets, etc. for supply room
    • Assist with Teacher’s Banquet
    • Assist with Bible Class Emphasis Day
    • Plan and coordinate service projects for Bible classes