Dovie Mae Bush (1932 – 2014)

Dovie Bush was born in Matthews, Missouri as the youngest of 11 children. This large family, the Cantwells, would move to wherever they could find farm work, causing Dovie to think of many places when she thought of where she grew up. She graduated from high school in Gary, Indiana, then settled in Leesburg, Florida with a sister. In Florida she met Ivan Bush, a good looking young man. They began to date and were married in May of 1954. In November of 1955 their daughter Pam was born.

In 1979, after only 25 years of marriage, Ivan passed away. Later Dovie explained to Pam that she felt like she had the best husband in Ivan, therefore she had no desire to remarry or even to date. While living in Florida as a young woman, Dovie worked as a switchboard operator for the telephone company. One of the great investments of her life came while working with the Mt. Dora Christian Home and School. She worked in the Harden Early Child Care Center. After more than a decade with this great work, she made the decision to move closer to her daughter and family. Pam and Curtis, along with six children have been almost a daily delight for Dovie since her move here in 2002. She loved spending time with her family.

Last October Dovie had an umbilical hernia repaired which was to be a simple outpatient procedure. The surgeon found cancer. The pathology revealed it was ovarian cancer which had metastasized into her liver and slightly to her lung. She immediately moved in with Pam. Treatments were started, but stopped after a failure to produce healing results. Dovie loved being where she was so deeply loved and cared for. As 1 Tim. 5:4 teaches how families ought to care for their aging widows by “children and grandchildren, let them first learn to show piety at home and to repay their parents: for this is good and acceptable before God”. How blessed Dovie was to have a daughter and grandchildren who would sit to talk or wait on her, as well as a son-in-law who loved her like his own mother. She would wrap her arms around his neck as he moved her from a chair to the bed in a such a sweet fashion.

We met Dovie in 2002 upon her move to Hermitage from Florida. She looked forward to the Reaching the Top outings each month. She also loved the rides to church and other places with Mrs. Evelyn Smith as Dovie would swing by to pick her up. She loved being a part of the MJ congregation. As a matter of fact, she had an accordion style folder with important papers in which she saved the church Messenger telling about the day she was welcomed into the family here.

She loved to shop, to work crossword puzzles, eat lunch out, give hugs, be with family and especially God’s family. In recent years her appreciation increased for the song, “What a Day it Will Be.” We are deeply thankful Dovie Bush had lived for her Lord on this earth, so she can live with Him for an eternity. “What a day that will be, when my Jesus I shall see!” Dovie is greatly missed, but our sorrow coincides with great hope! “Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift” (2 Cor. 9:15).