Dorothy Lilian Zumbro (1925-2008)

by David Shannon

Dorothy Zumbro blessed the life of this church and community in many ways. Her parents and grandparents are a part of our congregation’s forefathers. They helped construct a foundation of works on which we continue to build here at Mt Juliet over a hundred years later. Her father was Harvey Denson who preached as needed in many congregations locally, but also served as an elder here at MJ. Our first Sunday school rooms were added to the block building under his leadership. Her mother was Nell Hamilton Denson. Dot’s maternal grandfather, T.F. Hamilton, was a charter member and one of the elders listed on the deed in 1910 along with two others and two deacons. Her mother’s and father’s families have richly blessed this congregation, which continued to flow through Dot and Mark also. Dot loved to teach Bible class. She would diligently study to prepare for her classes. She would even have students call her home to see what they were to study to prepare for class. Perhaps she is most remembered as our church secretary. She faithfully served in this capacity for about 25 years. As she retired one of our elders, DeWayne Griffin, described her in a bulletin article as kind, efficient, friendly, confidential, and devoted. The picture included in this article gives us a glimpse of her happiness at her retirement party-pictured with her are the elders. Mrs. Dot loved to laugh. She was also strong-willed, spirited, detailed, and sharp. She rarely forgot a name, date or fact which made her a profitable member of the West Wilson Historical Society. She loved bee keeping. She was determined to have her own hat, veil and uniform once she first saw Jack, her husband of almost 50 years, in his. They loved working together on their farm. She especially enjoyed working in the garden and raising calves on a bottle. She loved Tate Lane. This was her birthplace and the place she resided much of her life. She lived a few years in Washington D.C., working with the Coast Guard just after she graduated from Nashville School of Business. She lived in Smyrna and Murfreesboro while she worked at Sewart Air Force Base and when she was first married. But by 1970 she and Jack made their way back to Tate Lane with a three-year-old son, Mark. She was a devoted wife and mother, and is praised highly by the men of her life. Dot Zumbro made an impression in MJ that will be seen for many years. The greatest of all descriptions is that she was a faithful child of God’s. I don’t know how much history or genealogy exists in an eternal land, but if it does, Dot will be the secretary of the society! Let’s live for a reunion!

Our deepest sympathy is extended to Jack, Mark, Kayla, Jason, and Jake. Our sister and friend is dearly missed.