Dona Hudson (1919 – 2011)

Dona was born in Celina, Tennessee and moved to Mt. Juliet at a young age. Her family originally lived in “the bend” which is covered by the lake now. She worshiped at Nonaville church of Christ. In the 5th grade she met a young man named David Lipscomb Hudson. They would walk through an apple orchard on the way to school and enjoyed throwing apples at each other. When they were 16-years-old they began to spend much time together and by 17 they wanted to marry. Her parents were not favorable of them marrying at that age, so they eloped. After school one day they stopped at the local store which was owned by a Justice of the Peace. David and Dona sat in the car with it running during the ceremony because David was afraid her father would catch them. Halfway through the ceremony the Justice of the Peace remembered there were supposed to be two witnesses, so he stopped the ceremony and went across the street to ask a neighbor to come over. This neighbor and a customer in the store witnessed a union that would reach 68 years of marriage on February 3, 2005. Her life companion passed away a few weeks later on February 17. Dona was an excellent wife. Dona had three loves in her life. Dona loved her Lord, His church, and her family. As a young wife and mother she would dress her three daughters and take them to church every Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night. She was committed. All knew they didn’t do anything until they worshipped God! At 13 years of age Joan crawled into David’s lap and asked him to come to church. He did and later was converted to Christ. David and Dona enjoyed a life of worship and service to God.

Dona was so generous and much of her generosity was a creation of her own hands. She make all the family’s clothes. Every woman and girl in the family has a beautiful doll with their name on the front which she made. Each of the grandchildren have received creatively decorated cigar boxes filled with goodies. She made Easter baskets a special delight. Her hands could cook some of the most delicious meals. Her family will miss the homemade pancakes with homemade chocolate syrup. They also smile when they reminisce of the fried corn, fried chicken, homemade biscuits, coleslaw, dressing, and desserts such as chocolate pie in her homemade pie shells! She loved to work with her hands in the Teddy Bear Ministry here at the Mt. Juliet congregation. She had been a blessing in the life of this congregation for 68 years.

Shirley, Linda, and Joan have given their mother great honor thought the years, but especially it has been evident in their care for her during the winter of her life. Recently, Joan said to Mrs. Dona, “You are a great mother.” Dona replied, “I don’t know how great I was, but I did my best.” In the last few days of her life, she taught us another powerful lesson. Our expectation or hope should not be on greatness, but instead upon our duty to diligently obey God and do our best. To be able to live a long life for the Master doesn’t make us great, it leads us to the One who is! “If I walk in the pathway of duty, If I work till the close of the day, I shall see the Great King in His beauty When I’ve gone the last mile of the way.” The Last Mile of the Way was a song that Mrs. Dona Hudson loved and lived. By faith we believe she will see the Great King in His beauty. She lived and died in this hope. To Joan and Jim Parnell and all the family, we express our love and sympathy.