Deane Williamson (1922-2013)

Deane Williamson Passed away on October 29, 2013, age 91.

Mrs. Deane Williamson blessed the Lord’s Kingdom for many years. In the winter of her life, her son Wayne and family cared for her with tender devotion. Since the many decades of her abundant living proceeded the time we knew and loved her here at MJ, I asked Wayne to write a description of his mother’s life. The description of this great, Christian lady will warm your heart and even cause you to evaluate your soul. Thank you, Wayne. Our prayers and sympathy continue to be offered to you and your family. DRS

Mother grew up in Center Point, Arkansas, 10 miles from Dierks. Her dad was a carpenter.

Mother was married to my dad, Floyd Williamson for 69 years before he passed away on Nov. 12, 2010. They had one son (Wayne Williamson), two grandchildren (Deana Driver & Mark Williamson) and four great-grand children (Gabrielle & Michael Driver and Ellen & John Williamson). She had two brothers and one sister. One brother was her twin.

She always kept busy every day. If she was not writing letters to friends and family members, she was probably busy doing house work, gardening, going to the post office or reading. Mother and dad lived in the small town of Dierks in S.W. Arkansas, one block from the main street and church and three blocks from the post

office. Most all stores were between the post office and their home. Instead of driving, she would walk to the post office every day and stop at any store she needed on the way home.

Out of 69 years of marriage, mother and dad probably had a garden in 65 of those years. That meant a lot of canning and freezing of the vegetables. Boy, they sure tasted good when we were in Arkansas.

She could make practically anything on a sewing machine.

Before buying an electric sewing machine, she sewed many years on a treadle sewing machine.

After I left home, she wanted to work at the Dollar Store in Dierks. Dad wasn’t too excited about her working, but finally gave in. After a few years, she became its manager for about 8 or 10 years. She enjoyed being with people.

In her earlier years, she even enjoyed squirrel hunting with dad and myself. One time she took our squirrel dog and went hunting with the town marshal’s wife. The town marshal did not want to go hunting with two women, so he took his dog and went hunting by himself. Hours later mother and her friend were counting their squirrels when a strange dog came up. Mother said, “Whose old dog is that?” The other lady said, “That is our dog.” Her husband was not far away. Mother and her friend counted out 8 squirrels and the town marshal had only 1.

Mother loved her grandchildren. Every time we went to Arkansas she would make a chocolate pie for Deana and chocolate crackers for Mark. Of course, she would spoil them with many other things.

One of my fondest memories of mother and dad was after they moved into our house in 2009. I passed their bedroom door one night and saw them sitting on the side of their bed reading their

Bibles before going to bed. Reading their Bible before going to bed had been their habit for many years. Throughout their lives, they were both faithful members of the church.

Written by Wayne Williamson