David Morrison Bryant (1944-2003)

by David Shannon

Our hearts broke as we heard the news of the fatal traffic accident as a car struck David Bryant on his early morning commute to work. We especially offer words and prayers of comfort for Brenda, Jason, Stephanie, Dakota, Sue and the rest of the family. We must grieve with hope. Our faith in the promises of God gives us hope that David is in a wonderful place for which he lived to achieve! For faithful Christians the greatest day is when we die to our Lord and step over into eternity with Him!

David Bryant will be remembered as a Finisher! Paul wrote “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith” in First Timothy 4:7. The things which mattered most, David did not leave undone! He was a faithful child of God! He loved to study the Bible every afternoon in his chair. He listened intently in Bible classes and sermons. He faithfully attended even though his work schedule began unusually early each morning. He was faithful to his family. He was a dedicated husband to Brenda for over 30 years. He first called her on April 1, 1970, but quickly told her “this isn’t an April fools joke!” His love for her was loyal and true! They loved to take little trips together, even having one planned for the weekend of the accident. They loved to browse antique shops, make baskets, cane chairs, and repair wicker together. He loved his son Jason and his wife Stephanie. He was a “great dad” in their words. He valued his family from a “big heart.” His love for his grandson Dakota ran deep. David was always busy with his hands in the garden, yard, and woodworking shop, but when Dakota came over everything stopped, giving full attention to him! A sharp NASCAR twin bed made by David’s hands displays David’s craftsmanship with wood and his love for little Dakota! He loved all his family! His mother-in-law, Sue Jackson, was blessed by his loving care for her in recent years. His sisters and brothers also knew his faithful love.

David also “finished the race” among peers. David lacked only a short time completing 34 years with the United States Postal Service. Before this, he served his country for four years in the Air Force. His hard work and dedication were appreciated. One of his co-workers at the U.S. Postal Service commented, “David lived his faith everyday.” David would rebuke co-workers for using God’s name in vain. His love for the Lord was known.

Just an Observation: When a diligent person dies unexpectedly there will always be some things left undone. He left a planter undone in the woodshop which was to be for Brenda; He planted a garden he’ll never harvest, and he planned a trip he never took, but he finished the things which matter the most–Faith in God, Love for Family and Friends! I miss his handshake, smile and clever thoughts. I pray for the family, but I rejoice for him! “He finished” and that is the greatest words which will ever describe us!