David Hudson 1919-2005

by David Shannon

David Hudson�s calm smile under those gentle brown eyes have graced our lives. This gentle giant had deep character, wells of love and mountains of experience on which to stand.

David, a descendant of David Lipscomb, grew up with a foster family due to his father�s death when David was six months old and to his mother�s illness. David loved the Lord. Many of us saw pictures of David in a worship service in Germany while in WWII. But David wasn�t baptized until after his daughter Joan, at 13 years of age, crawled into his lap questioning him about why he wouldn�t go to church with them. He started going. Others encouraged him, such as John Hurt, the minister of MJ church of Christ. This soldier of our country became a devoted soldier of God. Before his death he turned to a daughter and said, �I want to pray.� He began to thank God for Dona and his three daughters. Then he asked God to be with them. Just as Jesus, while on the cross knew his time was near, showed concern for his family, David showed similar concern. The greatest compliment ever is how he died �He died faithful!

David loved people. He loved his family, children, and neighbors. His love was proven by his generosity. He was always willing to extend his hand, money, and even his house to others. Many children have had fun afternoons and built precious memories while by his side fishing, hunting, walking, gardening, or other athletic events.

David loved his country and her flag. He fought in WWII under General George Patton in the Battle of the Bulge. He was a �BAR Man� (Browning Automatic Rifle) of his squad. His squad successfully split two German armies surprising them behind enemy lines. He knew the price of freedom and considered it a great honor to serve. He returned to the States with many medals and honors.

David and Dona were married for 68 years. Their ceremony was conducted in a �36 Ford as it remained running. Their commitment was real. Their three daughters, nine grandchildren, and 12 great-grandchildren arise up �and call him blessed�. Heroes of nation, home, and heart like David Hudson don’t come along too often�but when they do�they stand as a giant. Thank God for David Hudson!