Dale Apple (1951-2012)

Dale Apple suddenly passed away Friday, August 24, in Summit Medical Center. Dale was a person with a love and passion for life. Several described him as friendly, giving, smiling, best brother in law, husband, and man.

Dale had a big heart and wide smile topped with a confident mustache that would sometime be curled into handlebars. He was a great person to be around. People enjoyed his “Dale stories” and his sense of humor. He enjoyed teasing and even being teased. He loved his wife, Trish. Outside of her work at Ford Glass they were together most all the time. They enjoyed trail riding their horses, motorcycle or RV trips, and afternoon rides in his latest muscle car. They also both shared a love for singing and enjoying Dale’s playing the piano, guitar, or saxophone. They both deeply appreciated their place in the family of God at Mt Juliet. Both were excellent singers, who in worship, sat near Jerry and Glenda Franklin and shared a pew with Hollace and Myrna McKinley. Now that is a powerful, beautiful group of singers!

Dale was born in Old Hickory and spent all his life in the Donelson area. He lived within a few block of his late parents’ home. His religious roots go back to the Lebanon Road church of Christ. He was baptized there and nurtured his spiritual life there. In recent years we are thankful that Dale and Trish have been a part of the Mt Juliet congregation. We love them much.

Dale went to work for Ford Glass at 18 years of age. For 16 years he worked in production before becoming a supervisor. He was described by a worker there as a “supervisor who was fair to the employees and always earned their respect.” During one of the times he was laid off, he opened “Apples Motor” in Donelson, selling cars. His love for cars is proven again, by the many photographs of amazing muscle cars he has owned through the years hanging in his garage.

Recently, we were reminded of the heart Dale had for God as one Sunday morning he came forward seeking forgiveness and prayers. His words were so genuine as he asked for prayers. There was a hunger and yearning in his desire to be right with God. God’s grace is beautiful and at times like this, so comforting. We continue to offer up our prayers for Trish and the rest of Dale’s family during this time.