Christine Jennings 1929-2002

by David Shannon

As many were preparing to go home for the holidays, our sister Christine Jennings went to her eternal home.

Christine was born in Williamson County. She attended nursing school and later worked at the Williamson County Hospital. After this she worked for individual doctors. She courted and loved a handsome man named Dean. They were married for 39 years. During their times of health and sickness their love for each other displayed a precious example for all. Almost seven years ago she suffered a stroke disabling her of ever speaking again. Four years ago amputation of a leg was necessary restricting her mobility. Throughout all her trials, Dean was a faithful servant at her side. Dean and Christine were blessed significantly by the continual, sacrificial care of his sister, Betty and her husband, Ramel Bailey. Her son, Joe described Christine as, “the best mother.” How wonderful it is to see families love and serve each other!

Christine will be missed. Her soft spoken voice has been missed for sometime, but her pleasant smile continued to glow. We will miss this pleasant, hospitable, energetic lady. Her abilities were numerous. She immaculately kept her house, filling spare time with knitting, crocheting, and sewing. She also was one willing to work in the yard or anything which needed to be done.

The passing of her life from this earth leaves us with mixed emotions. It was truly a time of celebration of which the Lord would describe as precious in His sight (Ps 116:15). You see, Christine Jennings was a child of God’s. About 15 years ago Christine and Dean Jennings were baptized into Christ just after Steve Hale moved to MJ. Steve remembers how excited she was to be baptized into Christ and also how excited she was for Dean. In the time she had the health to serve and worship, she did. She loved being a Christian. Therefore we grieve not as those who have no hope (I Thess 4:13), we grieve for this good family, ourselves, and for a world who has lost a good neighbor. To Dean, Joe, and all the family we love you and pray for you. Let us rest in this thought, today Christine walks and talks!