Chile Update

Good news, all passports have been found.

Well it’s our last day to work. This trip has been far too short. We’ve had at least 15 baptisms (I’ll have an acurate count soon). It’s been a long day so I must make this quick.

Elias has been hard at work sharing the gospel. He even forgot to eat lunch and we had to make him stop to eat dinner. Such a caring heart. He has baptized most of the new members.

We got to take about 45 minutes of our day today to see “tent city”. The living conditions of those without homes is heartbreaking. I have seen poverty in other countries. This is a little worse because they have scant shelter in the COLD and RAIN.

I can see my breath as I sit in our hotel room typing this. All I can say is that I’m thankful to have a roof over my head and a warm sleeping bag to get into. We forget how blessed we are.

We are all anxious to see our families but sad to leave our work behind. There is so much work to be done in this town. Our team has grown very close and now share a special bond.

I am sure you will get many updates on the work here when we get home. For now know that the church will meet to worship this Sunday in Lota, Chile for the first time in history. Thank you all for your support of this work. We can feel your prayers….other than a few colds, we have all been very healthy.

Love to all,

Chile team

Sent: Wednesday, June 02, 2010 9:31 PM

Sorry I was unable to give an update yesterday. Difficult time getting online. Currently on some local “familia” network, so better make this short.

The harvest is great here in Lota. We’ve had 11 (some say 12) baptisms. Elias is doing a wonderful job with bible studies. He has studied with and baptized most of the converts. Almost every patient I see says “yes” to having a bible study. We have so many people wanting to study that we don’t have enough spanish speaking people to study with them. We received our containers today. The guys stayed up late last night unloading them. Girls were sent back to the hotel to get out of the way. We didn’t mind the rest! So we have 2 days to do what we thought we would have 5 days to do building houses and benevolence. We will build as many houses as possible and leave the lumber for those houses we won’t have time to build ourselves. Boxes and boxes of clothes and coats to give away.

Today they built a house for a man living in a shed, sleeping on the ground, with a foam for a pillow. Let me remind you that it is FREEZING at night and very cold in the day. He had a little trench not 5 feet from his sleeping space that he used for his bodily waste. When the men raised the walls of his new house, he raised his arms and praised God. So much good work is being done on this trip. The people in Lota see the love of Christ in our actions and are yearning to learn more.

We are getting serenaded by our neighbor across the hall with his violin that he does NOT know how to play. It makes the dogs howl. Nothing better to help you go to sleep after a very long day of hard work. We also woke up very early to about 100 dogs barking. Wish I had a riffle.

I am so proud of our team. Everyone is doing a great job. Lacie has been checking glucose’s and flushing cerumen out of ears for me and began working with benevolence today. Martin is keeping patients moving from triage to the docs, Rachel and Angel are alternating between being my assistant and showing people to therapy or the pharmacy, Tim is doing what he does best…therapy, Clint working hard building houses, Elias preaching the word, Greg keeping the clinic running and under control. I am so proud of all their hard work. Rachel experienced today what we all experience on our first trip…the tears that come at a baptism and just won’t stop. It took at least 30 minutes for her to totally dry up. These trips truly change your life.

The destruction here is very interesting. A house may be demolished between houses that are fine. Some houses look ok on the outside, but have caved in. People are begging for shelter. I tell my patients that we can help little with their physical needs but we can teach them about the salvation of Christ that will help them more than anything we could do ourselves. Many are dealing with anxiety from the recent earthquake. It is wonderful to share the peace of Jesus with them. And by the way, we did feel a tremor yesterday. For a second I wondered who was dancing and jumping around until I realized that the concrete shouldn’t shake!

Keep us in your prayers. Pray for the people of Lota. They are very receptive. I’ve grown to love these people in just 3 days. I pray many will come to know Christ due to our efforts here

To God be the glory!

Love to all, your brothers and sisters in Chile!

Erin Crisp

Subject: Hola from Chile

Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2010 02:50:00 GMT

Hello Brothers and Sisters!

It is 10:20 at night on our first day of clinic and we’re ready to tuck in our sleeping bags for a good nights rest.

Our trip was greatly delayed with our troubles starting in Nashville…flight to Atlanta canceled….new flight delayed….missed flight to Chile….got to hotel in Atlanta at 2:30 am…..didn’t fly out to Chile until 10:00pm….that flight was delayed….finally an hour our so in the air….had to fly to Orlando to fix a broken part on the plane….took off again for Chile….finally received dinner at 3:00 am…finally went to sleep around 4:00 am….woke up at 4:45 am to “IS THERE A DOCTOR ON THE PLANE?!”….got my first patient under control and went back to sleep around 5:30 or so then woke up 15 minutes later to the stewardess asking me to fill out the medical report….finally arrived late in Santiago at 10:30 am…..drove all day to Lota and arrived late….had an interesting dinner until 12:00 am….finally tucked in for about 5 hours of sleep ready for our first day.

Day One:

Our day started out without a bus. We finally got to the site over an hour late. Our containers have not arrived….which means no nurses trunks, no construction tools. It was interesting. We improvised and started clinic an hour or two before lunch. Not sure how many patients were seen, but at least 90% of those I was fortunate enough to help requested a Bible study. The people seem very receptive to Gods word. Lord willing seeds will be planted and the Lord’s church will start and grow here in Lota. The construction team was able to begin working a little today, but will get going full swing tomorrow.

So much more to say but it is time for bed. It is VERY COLD. Thank you so much to all who have provided clothing for us. We are greatly appreciative. No heat in our rooms. Thankful to have sleeping bags.

Pray for the Lord to bless our work tomorrow. I believe many souls will be reached this week. Love to all our brethren in TN!

Chile team.

Erin Crisp