Career Transitions





Deacon Shannon Buckner

Mission Statement

To support those who are going through a job or career transition, with an emphasis on faith, hope, and love, while also providing the tools that will aid in gaining employment.

Ministry Information

The Transitions ministry networks people to jobs and opportunities in changing employment. If you are in HR, have job connections, can review resumes, or have a burden on you to help people as they transition through careers – this is the ministry for you.

Opportunities to Serve

  • Praying for people by name who are going through a job or career transition
  • Attend group meetings for networking and encouragement opportunities
  • Speak at an event to provide a message of encouragement and/or testimonial situations
  • Edit/review resumes and cover letters
  • Provide help w/ coffee/light snacks for meetings
  • Mentor/coach by actively listing and offering personal encouragement to selected individuals that are in transition
  • Share information with the group about job opportunities
  • Help make introductions to hiring managers
  • Organize group meetings and networking opportunities
  • Group communication liaison: Send emails about jobs to the group