Building on Our Faith

In recent years the Lordhas blessed the Mt. Juliet Church of Christ with phenomenal growth. With this new growth comes a new problem – a problem of space.  Ourattendance on a typical Sunday morning is between 500 and 550 (sometimesup to 575).  Our old auditorium held only 475-500 people and it wasnecessary that we go to two services on Sunday morning.  The eldersof the congregation saw the need for a new auditorium to be built. An architect was chosen and  a building committee was formed. The committee was to look at the needs of the congregation and formulatesolutions to carry the congregation into the 21st century.  To fundthe new structure the elders decided on a capital stewardship campaign. Each family of the congregation was asked to make a commitment to fundthe new building program.

The building program encompassedan auditorium that will seat approximately 850, two nurseries, restrooms,and new offices for the entire staff.  It is anticipated that theold auditorium will be remodeled into a much needed fellowship area. Our first service in the new building was September 14, 1997 with 575 in morning worship and 475 in Bible School.  A dedication service witha fellowship meal was held on September 28, 1997.  A record numberof 726 people were present for morning worship services.

The little church that numberedonly a dozen or so in 1891 now has over 500 in attendance on a regularbasis.