Buford Spurlock (1921-2001)

by David Shannon

Monday morning the difficult news spread quickly that our dear brother Buford Spurlock had quietly and unexpectedly passed away in his sleep. Buford grew up in Jackson County, Tennessee. He served four years during World War II in the Merchant Marines seeing action in the Persian Gulf and South Atlantic. He knew the tragedy of shipwreck and the ugliness of war. During a furlough he passed through a school and met a young lady named Aline. They married in the courthouse at Rossville, Georgia. Their marriage of 57 years endured longer than the courthouse, which is no longer standing. Their family grew upon the birth of their son, Dwight. Buford was a strong man providng well with skilled hands for his family. As a young man he labored as a farmer, carpenter, welder, and helper of a brick mason. In 1951 he began his career as a brick mason. In a few months he was to be awarded the “God Car” for 50 years as a brick mason in his union. He retired several years ago, but decided to deliver drugs for a Hillsboro Pharmacy, which he did for about 10 years.

Buford’s hands were skilled. His hobby of woodworking has resulted in many pieced of furniture, dolls houses, miniature log cabins, bird houses, tables, chests, and desk donning the homes of his family.

Buford’s heart was kind. His neighbors speak of his life and sadly of his death. His generosity with his garden, time and energy blessed his neighbors richly.

Buford’s life was honorable. Buford enjoyed physical labor. His brick walls are standing all over this area of the country as an exhibt of his skill and labor. As Dwight explained, “He left a legacy of a need to work, a good name, a man of his word, and things such as this. We need more men like him.”

Burford’s family loved him. He loved his wife dearly and cared for her in sickness and in health. He raised his son with love aind discipline. He loved his grandchildren and great grandchildren deeply! Just a few days ago he sat down in the sandbox and played! They remember him as a strong, witty, generous, and one of a kind.

Buford’s soul was well. The life of Buford Spurlock exemplified Christ. He read his Bible every night before retiring. He was a faithful in the Lord’s body, having spent 26 years in the Mt. Juliet congregation. The last day he spent on this earth was gathering with his church family morning and night to worship the Almighty God. The last sermon he heard was about the God of Creation who can create in us a new life and after death a new body to dwell with Him for eternity!

Such a man as this cannot leave this earth without wrenching pain in our hearts for the absence that his death will bring, but abiding also in our hearts is the knowledge that he lived for his Lord and the Lord “is the rewarded of them that diligently seek Him” ( Hebrews 11:6).