Buenos Aires, Panama 1995

by Bill Staggs

By the time most of you read this there will be 19 brave dedicated Christians in Buenos Aires, Panama. Please pray for these people everyday. Thanks for the support and encouragement that you have given all of us. We could not go if it were not for your generosity.

This year we will finish tip the job started last year. The church building and house will be made nicer with running water, a better cooking area, new paint and stucco. The medical portion will improve their immediate needs. The spiritual portion,. their eternal needs.

This work is not just for the people in Panama. It is for us also. Those that went and those that helped them go, reap the satisfaction that comes from doing something for someone else that cannot possible do anything for you; the smiles on kids and parents faces when you have relieved some health problem that has plagued them for months, the satisfaction that cotnes,from giving someone hope in an otherwise dismal life. Seeing the idea that it does not take all of this ‘stuff to make us happy, we can be happy anywhere. Knowing that someday someone will meet you in heaven and thank you for bringing them the gospel of Christ to Buenos Aires.

Next years plans are already being made. for us and them. Try to go. Try to help make this an eternal blessing.