Brazil Mission Team Update

by Doug Perry

I bring greetings from Nick and Amy Fowler to all at Mount Juliet. The Brazil Mission becomes more real with each passing month. The team should be on the ground in Brazil next spring. Here is an update for everybody about the progress made in the past several months.

Nick and Amy relocated from Winchester TN to Lubbock TX last summer and began their formal missions training at Sunset Bible Institute in August. Their partners, Brian and Melissa King, are in Lubbock as well – training side by side and strengthening team bonds these past several months. Missions Resource Network is supplementing the team’s Sunset curriculum with additional training tailored specifically to the upcoming Brazil effort. Overall, the team is immersed in a serious, graduate-level education process to prepare themselves for Brazil. The classes end in December, with the Fowlers returning to us at Mount Juliet to begin their residency period in January.

Perhaps the biggest news from the team is their selection of a host city. Nick and Amy have been to Brazil twice this year for scouting. The team has decided on Belem as their home base for the mission. Belem is a tropical city of 2 million souls located in northern Brazil. The city serves as a gateway to Amazon country and is an important regional capital. The gospel has never been taken to Belem. Challenges will be great, and so will the eventual rewards.

Meanwhile, other necessary preparations are continuing. Language training is ongoing – fluent Portuguese will be an essential skill for the team. There is a complex bureaucracy in Brazil to understand and follow in order to obtain necessary permissions and visa provisions. There is an entirely new culture to learn and embrace. High priority tasks include the constant search for additional teammates as well as ongoing fund-raising to sustain the effort in Brazil for 5 years. The Fowlers have thus far gained commitments to cover about two-thirds of their needed funds.

The Fowlers return temporarily to Tennessee for the holidays in mid-December and will visit Mount Juliet during their stay. They will soon be making decisions on temporary housing in Mount Juliet and other matters as part of their move from Lubbock to Mount Juliet. It will be good to have them home, and they look forward with great anticipation to their arrival here.

A great way to keep up with Brazil Mission news is through its website – see or link to it from our congregational homepage (look for the Brazil flag at the bottom of the page).

On behalf of the missions committee and the Fowler family, I ask for your continued and renewed prayers and support for the Brazil Mission. Before long, Mount Juliet will be sending this young missionary family abroad for the first time and for a long time. Let’s spend these next few months boosting Nick and Amy at our best – surrounding them with love and encouragement – so that when they depart once again they will know that the hearts of Mount Juliet go with them.