Bill Huber (1950-2015)

Bill Huber was born in the old Baptist Hospital in Nashville, to Joe and Geneva in 1950. His parents were faithful Christians. Geneva is described as the sweetest woman, who was loved by all. Joe served as an elder at Natchez Trace and helped found Churches of Christ Disaster Relief. They lived in the Centennial Park area. Bill attended West End High School and loved being a West End Blue Jay. Two months before his seventeenth birthday he met a young lady named Diane. The summer before their senior year they began to date. They loved each other dearly. A year after their graduation they married. Bill would quickly tell you how much his bride of 45 years meant to him. During the early years Bill joined the Navy, serving for two years active duty and 4 years reserved. While stationed in Puerto Rica they gave birth to Michelle. Their family eventually totaled five with the births of Bridget and Brett.
After returning home from the Navy, Bill worked for 3rd National Bank until getting into the printing business. He loved and succeeded in the printing business. He later was an owner in a printing company. During this time he was able to work from home and enjoy seeing his grandchildren as they would often come to swim in their pool.
Bill had a passionate style in which he embraced life. He loved life and loved people. He loved God, his family and friends. He also loved his MG which he restored 20 years ago. He loved to wash his cars, play tennis and golf, to walk the green way, learn technology, set up his man cave, shop for nice watches and cameras, trips to sunny beaches and his Havanese dog, Savanah.
Bill was a fun loving, good natured man. He was intelligent, sentimental and positive. He was an exceptionally attentive husband, father and grandfather. He was easy going except behind the wheel of a car. Sometimes before a trip, the family would discuss taking two cars to avoid riding with him. Bridget was recently driving Bill to the hospital when he said, “You drive awful.” She exclaimed, “where do you think I learned to drive!” Bill loved his family, always keeping them close. He loved family trips; every July to Clearwater and every November to Gatlinburg. When Brandon Adcock was first in the family he noticed this pattern of going to the same places each year. He asked Bridget, “Your family does know there are other places in America other than Gatlinburg and Clearwater, right?” He came to understand that to Bill the family tradition was what was so important. The whole family had certain restaurants, tourist stops and locations for family pictures that had to be done every year! Bill was huge on family tradition. He has stacks of photos of every occasion, sorted by year and by the thousands. Bill expressed his love and appreciation often to family. He would do so through calls, face to face, and letters. Bill’s letters were impactful. Each family member has been deeply touched, encouraged and guided by Bill’s writing.
Bill and Diane have been a part of the church family at Mt Juliet for a short while, but their impact has been especially beautiful. Bill’s faith in the midst of cancer was strong. His spiritual life just continued to grow. He found peace in God. He continually encouraged those who came to visit him, those in his Manifold class and others in his circle to reflect on the beauty of life, relationships and eternity. We love the Huber’s. We miss Bill and pray fervently for Diane, Michelle, Bridget, Brett and all the family.
In 2010 he wrote a letter to his family in which he closed it by saying, “Yep, in my mind I’ve had a pretty good life. No – it was great… If it ends today – please rest assured – I died happy.”
by David Shannon