Bill Driver (1935 – 2016)

Bill Driver was born on May 27, 1935 in Red Boiling Springs, TN. He was the youngest of nine children. He suffered a stroke at birth, but it was misdiagnosed as polio. His brother Dick and childhood friend, Wendall Wilson taught him to walk. Bill persevered with a kind spirit and a strong will throughout his life. In the ‘50s he met the love of his life, Shirley Doss, on a blind date. A friend named Shirley arranged a blind date by asking her boyfriend whose name was Bill to setup a date with his friend Bill. Did you follow that? The blind date was actually a double date. Shirley and Bill went on a blind date with Shirley and Bill! In 1957, Bill and Shirley married. This August would have marked 59 years of marriage. Their daughters, Tammy (Yates) and Rene (Mungovan), were born while they lived in Nashville.

Bill worked at the Blood Bank downtown. Later they would move to Lyncrest Drive in Donelson and several of their life long friendships were grown there. In 1970, Billy and his brother Dick opened Drivers Drugs. It was a family owned and operated business. Everyone pitched in to help in the operations of the soda fountain, store and pharmacy. Bill was known to give prescriptions away to those who could not afford what their doctor had prescribed. Bill was always kind-hearted. Later in life he worked as a buying agent for Rudy Farms and Wright Industries. He retired in the ‘90s from Wright Industries. This was perfect timing for Bill since his two grandsons, Will and Chaz (Mungovan) were born during this time. He would do anything for those grandsons. He’d drop anything to answer their call or fulfill their requests. After they and the ladies in their life would visit him at Alive Hospice he would turn to Shirley and say, “those are the best visits.”

Bill had back surgery about a year ago and had rehab four times due to continual setbacks. His determination was focused as he said, “I’m going home or I will die trying.” He loved being at home with the family he loved so dearly.

Bill Driver will be greatly missed because of his gentle spirit, generous heart and love for life. His faith brings great comfort to believe that things are better for him than they have ever been on this earth! He was loved by many because he blessed the lives of many. Over the past few days he has been described as quiet, genuine, committed and peaceful. One simply described him “as a good man.” Another described how quickly he could calculate numbers in his mind. He loved to fish when he was younger. He always loved sports and even more so when his grandsons played. He never missed one of their games whether it was baseball, football, basketball, soccer or BMX racing. He loved Vandy, SEC sports or watching any sports. But his great love was his sweet wife Shirley. He loved their daughters and son-in-law, Randy, and grandsons. Randy felt as close to Billy as he did his own family.

The highest accomplishment of Billy Driver is that he was a faithful child of God. He loved the Lord. For children of God, all is not ended or lost at death, but so much awaits us in eternity. When Bill was a young husband and father he was baptized into Christ. He loved and served the Lord and lead his family in that way. In his final season of life he spoke of his desire to be found faithful before God as well as for his family to experience the same. One of the great truths about living and dying as a child of God is that we all live for eternity in the same family – The Family of God.

This memorial peace has excerpts and thoughts
contributed from the writing of Rene Mungovan.

David Shannon