Bible Bowl


Deacon Phillip Cron

Mission Statement

To help the children of the congregation (K-12) prepare for the annual Bible Bowl in Cookeville, TN in September of each year. This will be done through the encouragement of daily Bible reading and study, weekly practice sessions, and

team building skills as they prepare for the event.

Opportunities to Serve

  • Assist children in learning the Bible in preparation for the Bible Bowl event
  • Help prepare quiz questions
  • Host a training party
  • Recruit children of the congregation to join the Bible Bowl team
  • Prepare posters or signs advertising to join Bible Bowl team and/or the Bible Bowl event
  • Provide transportation to training or Bible Bowl event
  • Help make practice answer cards
  • Arrange lunch for the participants on the day of the Bible Bowl
  • Serve as a judge for Bible Bowl t-shirt design contest
  • Provide snacks for training time or Bible Bowl event