Betty Ann Morris (1931-2014)

A Tribute to
Betty Ann Morris
January 29, 1931-August 21, 2014


Betty Ann Morris was dedicated to making life a joy for others. Betty made childhood life a joy for her parents as she grew up on Oaks Road located just outside the city limits of Paducah, KY.
After mastering the art of short hand at David Lipscomb, Betty began to make work-life a joy for her employers. In her first job with a Law Firm in Paducah she could take short hand as fast as two lawyers could talk. In her second job, as a Hospital secretary in the accounting department, for the first time she had more money coming in than going out.
Joe’s job transferred him to Paducah. On the first Sunday Joe attended church services the preacher introduced Joe and Betty, along with her family. Betty later told a close friend, “You know that new boy I met at church today, I’m going to get a date with him.” She did. For almost 62 years Joe and Betty were dedicated to making married life a joy for each other.
Betty made home life a joy for her two sons, Hardy & Tim. They enjoyed living in a clean house. They learned everything had a place. If you cared for anything you better keep it in its place or it was gone. They enjoyed the home cooked meals. Betty had a special touch preparing appetizing meals. They enjoyed the house decorations. Betty mastered the art of knitting. One of the enjoyable decorations was the bed spread with the beautiful raised rose blossoms.
Betty made family life a joy for her four grandchildren and two great grandchildren. The four grandchildren made life a joy for Betty & Joe giving them a book of memories for Christmas 2012. Susan writes, “Ma, among many things, I’ve always admired your ability to make a friend everywhere you go. Your kindness, amazing sense of humor, and obvious love for life & fun has always drawn people near to you. I have no doubt you’ve lived your life to the fullest and I think (and hope) a lot of your personality is in my genes.”
Betty made church life a joy for her fellow Christians. Betty and Joe began making the Hermitage church life a joy beginning in 1992. It was a joy to see the big smile on her face and see her love for the church. Betty and Joe began making the Mt Juliet church life a joy beginning March 18, 2012.
Betty was dedicated to making preparation to receive the joy of an eternal life in heaven. Betty truly prepared herself by remaining faithful to the Lord (Rev. 2:10).
In Loving Memory,
August Ruff