August 31, 2006

by David Fleming

David Fleming

If it is the will of God; Andrew Phillips, Buddy & Sissy Pickler, Susan McCulloch, Ben Dennis, Phil Waggoner, Tony & Pat Huddleston, and myself, will leave Mt. Juliet to begin this year’s mission trip to the Ukraine on the above date.

At this time the team is meeting each week to complete plans for the work to be done. The present plans call for working VBS at Makeevka, Proletarski, and possibly Krasnoarmeysk at the orphanages (not all at the same time). Also, we plan to attend chapel each morning at the Ukrainian Bible Institute in Donetsk. We also may have opportunity to teach Bible classes in Krasnoarmeysk. If this sounds like a tall order, it may well be. We are making plans knowing that we will have to be subject to events in a country of different customs, culture, and language. The key phrase to apply to this trip, as with all Mt. Juliet missions is: “be flexible and be prepared” and whatever happens, it’s “just the way we like it.”

This trip will be long, tiring, and mentally challenging. However, it will be rewarding, allowing us to expand our horizons and enjoy sharing the truth with others as we are commanded in God’s Word.

The team is getting organized, getting working supplies together, trying to decide what to pack and working on getting the support needed to make the trip successful.

The team members will need not only monetary support but also the moral support of family, friends, and church family. As you continually do; please show your support to each team member, filling their needs as you have been blessed. In this way, we can all share in this good work to fulfill the Great Commission. Slava Bogu!