Attack Upon America

by David Shannon

This morning several aircraft were hijacked and flown into the pentagon and World Trade Centers in New York. The devastation, destruction, and horror sends pains of deep grief across our country. We wonder how, why, and if more? We are reminded that we are fragile physically, but let us be strong spiritually. We are reminded that freedom always comes with a price, whether it is purchased or preserved. We are reminded that those scenes of destruction pale in comparison to what our forefathers endured to build this nation and we pause to offer thanks. We observe such hatred and wickedness and are reminded that Satan rules the world, but the victory of battle belongs to the Lord! The enemy will be cast down!

Satan had fun today. I rest assured in one thought, I do not want to serve him or spend an eternity with him! “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!” Joshua 24:15b