A Woman in Chattanooga Fasted and Prayed

by David Shannon

One only reads a few pages in the New Testament until reading the words, �And when you pray�� and also the words, �when you fast�. A few verses later Jesus promises, �Ask and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.� Do you believe the words of Jesus in this sermon found in Matthew 5-7? Do you believe if someone fasts and prays for God’s will to be done that God will open doors for them to find His will?

Two or three weeks ago in Chattanooga a woman in her mid-twenties began to fast and pray for God to help her find His will about baptism. She had recently become a diligent student of the Bible and sought help from her denominational church leader. When she asked him about baptism he gave a quick answer with seemingly little concern. She feared his quick response and desperately wanted to find God’s will as she searched the scriptures. She began to fast and pray. Colton Shannon and Kathy Dedmon knocked on her door. When they asked her if she would like to study, she revealed her interest in study by telling them she was presently studying through First John. She set up a time for study the following morning. She told them she believed God sent them as an answer to her fasting and prayers. Mitch Poskevich and Susan McCullouch returned the next day to open the Bread of Life to one who had been fasting. She was so excited to discover verses and so willing to obey. She was baptized into Jesus!

As we plan campaigns, fervently praying for God to open doors in the areas he wants us to go, we may fail to realize He also is hearing cries for help. Was it a miracle? Not by definition of something supernatural. But did God answer prayers? Absolutely! He answered our prayers and hers. Are you living and serving so God can use you to answer someone else’s prayers? Have you ever fasted and prayed? Let�s always humbly pray and thank God for answered prayers! We pray more when we remember we are nothing without Him!