A Look Back on 2008

by Andrew Phillips

Andrew Phillips

While we always focus on God’s Word, we placed a special emphasis on reading the Bible in 2008. In fact, so many participated in our daily Bible readings, that we had to order several extra boxes of Daily Bibles for everyone. Many have read the entire Bible this year, and we had Bible Classes and sermons designed to help us understand what we were reading. Our Summer Faith Series featured speakers who shared insights from each of the major sections of scripture, and we provided a “Walk-Thru the Bible” workshop to help us understand the Old Testament.

There were several exciting beginnings this year. We announced that a new classroom addition would be constructed, and after many individuals worked through the long process of getting plans, bids, and approvals, we are set to begin construction soon. Even in a difficult economy, our special collection for this project resulted in the largest one time contribution our congregation has ever seen! We also began plans to be the sponsoring congregation of a new mission work in Sudan: the construction of a ministry training school that can prepare local Christian men to plant churches. We also announced our sponsorship of Nick and Amy Fowler, who are planning to work as missionaries in Brazil. Both of these groups have been hard at work, and we will learn more about these mission efforts in the coming months.

We also benefitted from the addition of J.P. as our Involvement Minister. He is doing a wonderful job, and he helped our year get started off right by meeting with all our Deacons and coordinating our SOS books. Sixty-four percent of our members have filled out an SOS form so that our Deacons can know who is willing to work in each ministry. That is a good number, but let’s continue to work hard to make that percentage even better!

We could spend an entire bulletin writing about the rest of our highlights – the four mission trips, the awesome special days, the new families we have welcomed to the congregation, the way our youth group continues to grow in number and in spiritual maturity – God has blessed us richly. Below are some of our numbers for the year, but our emphasis should never be solely on statistics, but on souls. Let’s keep that focus in 2009!

2008 Weekly Averages

Sunday Morning Attendance – 922

Sunday Bible Class – 681

Sunday Evening Attendance – 525

Wednesday Evening Attendance – 551

Average Contribution – $27, 328.68

2008 Totals

New Members – 55

Baptisms at home – 19, on mission trips – 14, total – 33

Restorations – 36

Those who were born this year – 16

Those who have passed away – 10