A ’69 Excerpt of “The Church at Mt. Juliet, Tennessee”

by David Shannon

by Robert R. Taylor, Jr.

Gospel Advocate

June 19, 1969, p. 397-98. Volume CXI, Number 25.

“The new brick building is ideally located on a spacious piece of property across from Mt. Juliet Elementary School and on a main connecting road between Highway 70 and Interstate 40. Multitudes pass this building every day…The congregation is experiencing great growth…Greater evangelism at home and away plus more diligence in benevolence are two chapters currently being written by this church. Like the noble contemporaries of Nehemiah these people have “a mind to work.” (Neh. 4:6.) Jehovah is blessing their “work of faith and labor of love and patience of hope.” ( 1 Thessalonians 1:3) Set for the old paths as they are, a bright future appears on the horizon for these dedicated disciples in Mt. Juliet.”

The Lord Blesses This Congregation Indeed – The Gospel Advocate article reminds us of the blessings the Lord has given this congregation to enlarge His Kingdom at MJ over a period of time touching three centuries. For over 100 years He has given us a prime location with attractive and functional facilities. The leaders of this congregation have been focused on spiritual vision, firm in doctrine, and tender in love. Some of the finest folks in this area have been dedicated members of this family. The opportunities to serve are many and resources to fulfill them are always received from His hand. The Lord has and continues to bless us indeed!

An Enlarged Territory – From the early beginnings of seeds being planted just a few miles west of MJ by Barton W. Stone in the 1820’s and Jesse Sewell around the 1860’s much growth has resulted. In the mid-1900’s R. V. Cawthon was a one-man missionary team with help from Mt. Juliet. Perhaps thousands were baptized, while over twenty congregations were established. He held over 400 meetings within a thirty mile radius of his home in Mt. Juliet. The trails blazed by these men throughout our community continues to be harvested by men and women with the same love for Jesus and His Gospel from the same kind of burning hearts to grow His Kingdom! There is nothing in the world I would rather do than to work in the Lord’s Kingdom at MJ with those of kindred hearts. Let’s continue to plan bigger than what we can accomplish alone, lean completely on God, love unconditionally, and have a mind to work! We’ll rest when we are on the other side!