2005 Reviewing the Numbers

by David Shannon

David Shannon

Jesus reminded us of the need to count�it tells us if all are present. This past year greater efforts have been made to leave the 99 to find those who need encouragement. The plans are to intensify these efforts even greater in 2006. When someone is missing from our physical home�it is obvious. We want to develop relationships that would produce this same feeling of absence when someone isn�t home spiritually.

The Lord has blessed us with a great year. In 2005 we went on more mission trips than ever before�a total of 5. We have more adult Bible classes than ever. We have more children�s classes than ever. We have more contributed weekly than ever. Most of us, if not all, firmly believe we have more opportunities, potential, and responsibility than ever. May God bless us indeed, enlarge our territory, His hand be upon us, and keep us from evil in 2006.

We want more people to believe Mt. Juliet Church of Christ is a good place to call home!

Numbers don�t reveal all. But they do offer a type of gauge to see where we were and where we are today. The numbers become important when we remember that each number represents a soul.


Bible Study 523

Worship a.m. 658

Worship p.m. 383

Wednesday 441

Offering $14,839


Bible Study 574

Worship a.m. 727

Worship p.m. 422

Wednesday 501

Offering $17,785

Baptisms 30

Restorations 38

Deaths 4

Birth 7